Directed by

David Meadeb





A shiny sunny Saturday afternoon, a pub, a juke-box. A teenager seduces a girl who’s a bit older than he is. He’s got a plan. But soon, things get complicated, even if he tries to convince himself that he’s still in control of the situation.


Héloïse Adam, Lazare Herson-Macarel, Eric Hémon

Technical Crew

Director: David Meadeb

Screenwriter: David Meadeb

Producer: Sébastien Haguenauer

Director of photography: Antoine Parouty

Script supervisor : Marie Prual

Sound engineer: Loïc Chautemps

Costume designer: Manon Moulès

Production designer: Frédéric Grandclère

Editor: Damien Maestraggi

Sound editor: Jocelyn Robert

Sound mixer: Gilles Benardeau

Festival selections

Festival International du Film Court Persona 2009

Festival du Film Court en Plein Air de Grenoble 2009

Financial Partners

Région Basse-Normandie

Région Limousin