Directed by

Olivier Fox


2012, Florange, steelworkers are fighting against the closing of blast furnaces and struggling to keep their job. For her part, camille, 15 years, a major union leader's daughter named Franck, is trying to forget the local dramatic situation by making troubles with her friends, roaming in this industrial wasteland.despite the strike, blast furnaces are finally arrested. At the same time, florange becomes the scene of strange incidents: disappearances, mutilations...

According to the general audience, this deviant behaviours, suicide, violence, and murders are simply the results of the worker's strike. legend holds that Saint Clément has not driven the Dragon out of Lorraine in the middle Ages, and severalolder people believe in it. Occasionally, when the insdustrial activity slows down, inexplicable accidents occur. It is said that the old Ahmed once found a great moult's snake...

For Camille, her band, and soon Franck, the closure of blast furnaces becomes a vital issue. In proper sense of the world.

Financial Partners

Région Lorraine (Aide au développement)


In co-production with Les Productions Balthazar